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Dr. Loc Nguyen brings over 20 years of experience in high quality dental treatment and care for his patients.   Graduating from the top-tier Henry M. Goldman School of Dental Medicine of Boston University in 2003, Dr. Nguyen brings his collected experience, knowledge, and modern technology in the founding HITECH DENTAL in Manassas and Gainesville.


With quality treatment as his mission, Dr. Nguyen takes the time to explain every treatment plan in detail with his patients, reserving time for you to delve into any details relating to your treatment plans.  "We will make sure that you are satisfied before you leave our dental offices" -- Dr. Nguyen.

Dr. Nguyen was awarded and recognized as America's Top Dentists in Cosmetic and Family Dentistry by the Consumers' Research Council of America.  Dr. Nguyen is  a certified Invisalign Provider for Teens and Adults.  He is also a certified Implant Placement and Restoration Dentist.

Dr. Nguyen also majored in Biochemistry and Computer Science at the University of California at Davis and applies many modern techniques and technologies into his practice of dentistry.


The HITECH DENTAL Manassas and Gainesville offices feature all 3D digital x-rays technology, which reduces radiation exposure by up to 90% compared to older technologies.  Additionally, all digital x-rays, Cone beam 3D imaging in high digital definition, allowing Dr. Nguyen to place 3D precise implants without flapping your gum or doing RCT with high quality.  Dr. Nguyen and you can discuss any issues and treatment plans with high clarity.  Or, if you prefer to watch news or movies instead of x-ray scans, you can do so comfortably right from your chair.


Dr. Nguyen loves being a dentist and enjoys learning about the latest dental technologies.  The name HITECH DENTAL comes from this love.


"I treat every patient who comes into my office like family members." -- Dr. Nguyen.

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Routine Exams and Cleanings


         You and your family should clean and check up your teeth in a dental office every six months to prevent and treat oral cancer and diseases.  If you have moderate to severe gum diseases, you should clean and check up your teeth every three months.  We also treat child patients from three years or older. 

Crowns, Bridges, Veneers, Lumineers


      When your tooth is broken, damaged, missing, or in poor condition with dark color or large fillings, you should protect it from further damage by using a crown, bridge, and/or veneer.  Veneers and Lumineers are great for esthetic looks.

Fillings & Root Canal Therapy


     When your tooth has a cavity, a hole, or is broken, you should fill it as soon as possible to prevent any further damage, including root canal therapy, post and core, crown or extraction.  We do RCT on all teeth with 3D digital x ray technology.

Removable Dentures


    The most cost effective solution to replace missing teeth is a removable denture.  You can chew better with implant-supported overdentures, and we can help you in our offices.



     Your own, natural teeth are always better than implants.  But, when you have a missing tooth or more, implants are one the the best treatments available.  We do complete implants in our offices.  We use 3D digital x ray to place a  precise 3D implant.  Our implants are 100% made in the USA with five year warranty.

Teeth extraction


     Broken teeth and cavities lead to infection, pain, and bad smells, and might need removal.  We also extract impact wisdom teeth with over 20 year experience.

Emergency Dentistry


   If you have a toothache, you should contact us as soon as possible to stop your pain and completely treat the problem.

Teeth Whitening


    The first step of brighten your smile is bleaching your teeth.  It is cost effective and works well for many patients.

Invisalign, Clear Orthodontic Treatment
We are a Certified Invisalign Provider For Teens And Adults


Majority of orthodontic patients can be treated with Invisalign.  The main advantage of Invisalign treatment --  you can floss and brush your teeth as normal!  Therefore, Invisalign is a great way to prevent cavities during and after orthodontic treatment, especially for children.

Smile Gallery

Smile Gallery

All photos below are of Dr. Loc Nguyen's actual patients at Hitech Dental.

                     Dr. Loc Nguyen has over 20 years dental experience



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"I couldn't eat for many days with my new dentures.  My last dentist couldn't fix it right... I feel so comfortable now.  Thank you so much."

“This is one of the most beautiful and modern dental offices I've ever seen.  I can watch HDTV and my own HD X-rays from my dental chair.  You're so gentle and patient...”

"Finally, I've found the best dentist for my family here.  Thank you so much for your presence.”

Kiet Phan

Susan Butcher

Craig McMullen

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Opening Hours

6844 Piedmont Center Plaza

Gainesville, VA 20155

 Tel: (703) 754-1999

Monday – Friday:  10:00AM – 5:00PM

Saturday: 9:00am - 3:00pm.  Sunday: closed

Please call to have the best appointment times


Gainesville Office
Manassas Office

9806 Liberia Ave.

Manassas, VA 20110

 Tel: (703) 366-3300

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